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Residing in a material, bountiful planet you’re not always that cozy with it, but then you look back to Haiti and you see how that is and you’re extremely appreciative of what you have. It puts a complete perspective on almost everything.

Capponi moves quick. The motto of his development business in Miami Beach is View Our Speed.

Michael Capponi, a famous figure in Miami’s nightclub circuit, is extending his hands to more than clubbing and real estate. In 2014, Capponi teamed up with software designer Gideon Kimbrell to launch the cell phone app called “InList.” So what is this app and how does it work?

Capponi tells us that he wanted to make the nightclub life an easier experience for elite guests. In the past, he says, it was impossible to enter a club unless you knew the doorman personally. This left many people in the cold.


Now, the nightclub world is a commercial environment. Celebrities and powerful figures make the rounds and share their experiences with the world. In order to combat the rise in popularity, Capponi wants the rich and powerful to have instant access to the VIP section. Read about “Miami Beach nightlife mogul Michael Capponi passed out before boat crash report says” here.

The app will enable guests to reserve the VIP seating before they arrive at the club. No more politicking with the door man. No more waiting. Now, only service.